Thursday, March 9, 2017


As I write this, I am finalizing my latest nonfiction picture book. I've worked on this book for over a year and love it more every day!

Last week I received the biggest surprise of my life when I made contact with a relative of the persons of whom I'm writing. So, a surprise interview began. First, we had a friendly casual exchange of thoughts, in which, I think we both came to a mutual understanding about the main characters.

Then he agreed to read the biography. I was thrilled. I couldn't sleep that night. The next day I received a reply. My contact agreed that the biography text and title said it all. Of course, I was spurred on to ask several new questions. And his answers were swift.

The kindness and generosity I received from my contact were  amazing. His insight into the background of my characters proved to be priceless. And the fact that he thought my story was great . . . makes me smile.