Monday, December 5, 2016

Stages of Picture Book Development


From the first glimmer of an idea, I love writing picture books so starting today, I'll be posting a series of compelling ways to create picture books and make them stronger.
Picture books are quick, fun and interactive reads. What can be said with words, these books say it with interactive pictures and animations to have it conveyed to their audiences in a much faster way. These books may be a true work of art, but when it comes to story development techniques, the calculated words of the story have proven their worth over the years. From kids to adults, many of these picture books have earned quite a bit of popularity. Whether pictures or words, the importance of plot is not lost in any medium which is used to write a book. Since pictures are easier to explain the plot development, they are often better used to show the importance of different stages of plot development and how each one come to play an important part in the story that is being told.
I hope this series will be of use to other writers. Stay tuned until the first post of Stages of Picture Book Development coming soon. And please let me know what other posts you are interested in seeing.