Sunday, January 3, 2016

Rate Your Story Registration Kickoff!

To kickoff the new year and to celebrate all of you awesome people, we've organized our first RYS giveaway for 2016. Woot!

Friday, January 1, 2016


Happy New Year to all my friends & writing buds! I hope 2015 was awesome, and that you are looking forward to 2016 with excitement and anticipation. I know I am!

To start my year off write, (yes, it's a pun) I joined Julie Foster Hedlund's 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS to reflect on last years accomplishments, failures, gratitude and resolutions in hopes of making my 2016 writing year pop to epic proportions. And in an awe inspired moment of generosity, I decided to share my posts with you in no particular order. Below is the first.


I'm so grateful for my dh who is the wind beneath my inky wings. He's always been here for me; answering my questions, filling my mind with strange new ideas, steering me in fantastic directions and cheering me on with pompoms of inspiration!

My writing friends far and wide who have been relentless in their unselfish critiques and genuine suggestions and moments of true caring. They're always around to help when my writing is stalled because of simple writer's block or a momentary brain fizz. Their welcomed words of encouragement and thoughtful inspiration spurred me to continue writing through the years.

And last but not least, I'm also grateful to God for my good health which I don't take lightly, knowing that so many of my friends are struggling each day. I pray that this year will be a blessed year for us all!

Rate Your Story is Celebrating 2016!&t=++To+kickoff+the+new+year+and+to+celebrate+all+of+you+awesome+people,%C2%A0+we%26%2339;ve+organized+our+first+RYS+giveaway+for+2016.+Woot!+++First+up...

Rate Your Story is celebrating 2016 with a RYS giveaway! To kickoff the new year and to celebrate all of you awesome people, we have organized our first RYS giveaway for 2016. Woot! First up . . .