Thursday, April 23, 2015



As writers, we are constantly looking for the next great story; an amazing character, a perfect setting--a golden nugget!

Sometimes we get so stressed in our search for something new and different, we forget the amazing world around us; our home, family and neighbors.

Our familiar surroundings are great sources of inspiration, especially if there are children or animals to watch and enjoy. Everyday happenings, which seem humdrum to us, could spark enough attention to become the next best seller. Children love to read about other children. They love reading about kids who have the same problems and adventures that they face every day. Children enjoy stories about wild animals, domestic animals and animal friends.

The next time you search for a new topic to write about, look no farther than your own back yard or front yard:) If you watch and listen closely, everyday happenings provide a treasure trove of story ideas. With so many golden nuggets lying around, you just might strike it rich!