Tuesday, May 26, 2015




It’s been said that every story has already been told, right? So why even try? You ask. Listen, don’t throw away your pen and pencil yet. The saying may be correct, but there is still a way to tell your version of the same story.

You have a different history than other authors. You grew up in a different country, a different neighborhood, and your life experiences were not the same as the original author. The way you form your outline, lay out your storyboard or the wording of your story will be totally different. Yours will be an original masterpiece that only you are capable of producing!

There are many ways of telling the same story, so don’t let the opportunity to share a past experience pass you by. Tell your story your way with your individual feelings and thoughts. Don’t hesitate to write a fresh version of an old story. Change the plotline, the setting and the characters or create a different viewpoint, but do let the world see your view of the same story!

Go ahead and get started.