Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Oooooo! Yippeee! Cluck! Cluck! Now I can share my se . . . cret. I won the Black Hen Holiday Contest!

Folks, I'm in Middleburg, Florida now and still dancing! Lovin' it!

 How awesome to have my illustration chosen by the fabulous Erzsi Deak at Hen & Ink Literary Studio! I am so excited, I'm doing the chicken dance.

I feel honored that my entry ...won, and that it will grace the Hen & Ink Literary Studio website. This is an incredible Christmas holiday surprise! And I feel truly grateful to my online critique groups and all the people who encouraged and helped me along the way. Thanks friends:)

Cluck, cluck, cluck . . .

To take a closer peek go to Hen & Ink's Facebook page:

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Entry for Holiday Writing Contest

            This is for Susanna Hill’s 3rd annual Holiday Writing Contest. This contest is for a holiday mishap, mistake, miscommunication, chaos or potential disaster (you get the point) and must be under 350 words. Stories may be poetry or prose so here goes . . .




Tick-ity-tat, I'm a starving Rat.

I sniff for food and dodge the cat.


It’s Christmas night, I smell something sweet,

So yummy it curls the toes on my feet.


I search the bedrooms, upstairs and down,

I sniff every corner, every nook and mound.


Finding food is as easy as pie,

When there’s a trap, it catches my eye.


I twirl around as I hang from the rail,

And test the trap with the tip of my tail.


I dash to the kitchen and what do I see?

A bowl of chocolatey cookies. For me?


I climb on a chair, no time to piddle,

I leap with joy, and land in the middle.


I lick the cookies, I nibble and crunch,

I snort and sniff and continue to munch.


First one cookie, then two, three and four,

I eat, and I there's no more.


Daylight comes soon, and I have to flee,

My overstuffed belly lags behind me.


I plop to the floor and dart to my hole,

I can’t get in, I’m out of control!


I kick and I squirm, but I am stuck tight,

I try to escape with all of my might.


It seems the cookies were just a trap.

To fool a bungling Christmas treat rat.


I struggle and struggle until I yank free,

I run to the window and under the tree.


What do I see with my sparkling eyes?

Nut logs and fruitcake, a yummy surprise!






25 Totally Awesome Picture Book Agents

As a holiday treat, here is an amazing list of literary agents that I found on the internet that I hope will make your Christmas extra special!

1. Jennifer Laughran (Andrea Brown Literary Agency)

2. Ammi-Joan Paquette (Erin Murphy Literary Agency)

3. Erin Murphy (Erin Murphy Literary Agency)

4. Sara Crowe (Harvey Klinger)

5. Holly McGhee (Pippin Properties)

6. Kelly Sonnack (Andrea Brown Literary Agency) 

7. Tina Wexler (ICM)

8. Rosemary Stimola (Stimola Literary Studio)

9. Sarah Davies (Greenhouse Literary Agency)

10.Paul Rodeen (Rodeen Literary Management)

11. Brenda Bowen (Sanford J. Greenburger Associates)

12. Teresa Kietlinski (Prospect Agency)

13. Joanna Volpe (New Leaf Literary & Media) 

14. Laura Rennert (Andrea Brown Literary Agency) 

15. Jill Corcoran (The Herman Agency)

16.Jamie Weiss Chilton (Andrea Brown Literary Agency)

17. Suzie Townsend (New Leaf Literary & Media)

18. Elena Mechlin (Pippin Properties)

19. Isabel Atherton (Creative Authors)

20. Steven Chudney (The Chudney Agency)

21. Emily van Beek (Folio Literary Management)

22. Karen Grencik (Red Fox Literary)

23. Edward Necarsulmer IV (McIntosh & Otis)

24. Jim McCarthy (Dystel & Goderich Literary Management)

25. Steven Malk (Writers House)


Saturday, December 7, 2013

Don't Forget to Focus

Hi, all you writers out there! I know we're busy with the holiday season, but don't let those  good ideas get away. Whether you're writing, reading or just plotting, each step gets us closer to a brand new draft!

I totally love to write so I'm always thinking about it, even while doing chores or shopping, having my hair done or sky-diving . . . (oops! no not really)! The point is--writing is always at the forefront of my thoughts. Yes, that's right, I DO have a one-track mind!

In order to stay focused while I'm away from my laptop, I've developed a strategy to keep from forgetting ideas. If a title or character presents itself, I use anything available to scribble a quick note; a napkin, a newspaper or the back of my electric bill. Haha. Whatever it takes, to keep the idea from vanishing forever, and it would!

So enjoy the holiday season, stay focused, and stay warm:)

 Happy Writing, Friends.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Lots of Yummy News

Warning . . . exclamation explosion straight ahead!
Yes, oh yes, it's true! I actually finished NaNoWriMo! And here's the logo to prove it! Isn't it lovely?
And the website logo is awesome too! See below:
I feel wonderful to have accomplished writing a novel in a month! Who would have thought it was possible?
                                          (I am getting ahead of myself--this is last year's. Hehe!
And guess what? I'm also a PiBoIdMo winner! That means I have over thirty brand new picture books to write, thanks to Tara Lazar for making it all possible. Thanks, Tara!!!
What all of this boils down to is . . . I have a TON of writing and revising to do. But it's going to be such funnn!!!
If you have been following these contests and joining in, you also have lots of work ahead. But don't get discouraged by what lies ahead, all you need is an open mind to let your stories flow naturally, and time.
So grab your charts and maps! Arrange outlines that are filled with conflict, humor or mystery. Check your lists--check them twice--make your characters naughty or nice! Because submission time is coming very soon:)
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Sunday, November 24, 2013

It's Official

                                  Okayyy! Wheee! JINGLE BELLS is now live on Amazon!
Now you can check-out the beautiful cover, take a peek inside and grab your very own copy! The Kindle version is only .99 cents.
Am I smiling? Oh, yeah!

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

One and One makes Two

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All The Wayyyy!!!

Woohoo! Pinch me! Amazon just added a brand new book to my author page!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


                 Enter to win something cool, and while you're there read an interview about Steven M. Booth and his awesome book Dark Talisman at: for a chance to win a ten page critique and more!


Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Veteran's Day Thank You!

 I want to say Thanks to all of the brave men and women in the armed forces!
                         Thanks for your service and sacrifice! Thanks for guarding our great country! Thanks for protecting our people!  And thanks, for standing up for our freedom! 
                    I know that's a lot of Thanks--but sometimes words aren't enough to express true  feelings. Sometimes, we simply need to stand behind you with our hopes and prayers. So Thank you! And may God protect and keep you!

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Writing Tips


                Yeah! It's PiBoIdMo time again and this is day two! I hope everyone is fizzing with new picture book ideas!
                And what about NaNoWriMo! This months is totally going to sizzle with ideas!
                 I get my ideas in many different ways. Sometimes I think of a title and then the plot appears and the story grows from there. Sometimes a phrase from a book or the television will present an idea that I can fleshed out into a story.
                 No matter where your ideas come from be sure to jot them down before they're forgotten. And as my friend, Kristen suggested, make yourself a little note so you won't forget the inspiration behind each idea on your list.

                Below is a list of things that may help you stay focused on what’s most important when writing a picture book or a NaNoWriMo novel, it will make sure the correct structure is THERE to begin with. I hope everyone creates lots of picture books this November! Best of Luck!




















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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Halloween Tale or Synopsis?

Hi! In the spirit of Halloween, I thought a few of you might enjoy a little taste of the holiday! I wrote this story several years ago, and to my great surprise, it actually won a contest! So enjoy:)




 Sometimes, all one has is the dark side.

     Scratch, scratch, scratch, comes the desperate cry for help near low hanging windows and locked doors. The ghostly plea continues, but no one answers.  No one dares!  The creature terrified all who once knew him. He killed to survive, living off the blood of the innocent, in his search for the guilty. 

    When the full moon beckoned, he crawled from his cold grave into the darkness--the only path he knew, urged forth by one thought, one desire. Revenge. Now his mission for all eternity is to search out and find the one who murdered the girl he loved. He will search forever, but in vain because the person he seeks lies motionless in a cold grave next to his own. 
     Ten years earlier, Ricky Truman moved to Middleport and inherited the old house on the hill above the graveyard. The Truman mansion looked inviting from the town below but inside the old house, a raw chill caused boards to creak and intruder’s to look over their shoulders. Black window panes mirrored the ruins and gaped at all who drew near.

    Ricky Truman didn’t seem to mind that the old home was in need of repair. He wasted no time, making it his home. Until Ricky got his inheritance from a step-grandfather who he had never met, he had been completely on his own. After settling in, he started fixing up the ruin-down place. Ricky wasn’t afraid of work, he enjoyed fixing things. Besides, this was his home now.

    The house was creepy at night--the hollow walls amplified weird noises. The cemetery on the hillside was over-grown with weeds. Trees cast long shadows across the grounds at sunset. The old tombstones were worn and unreadable; others had fallen from decay. It was going to be a challenge but Ricky was a fighter. He worked on the house every evening after school. On weekends, he did odd jobs in the neighborhood to support himself.

     It was on one of his jobs that he met Julie, Mr. Weirton’s daughter. She had been helping her mom clean junk from their attic for Ricky to haul away. She was a beauty in her blue tee-shirt and cut-offs. Her red hair pulled back into a pony-tail that hung across her shoulder. Ricky fell for her that first day.

    Julie and Ricky were in the same classes at school so they saw each other a lot. By the end of the school year, they were both in love and Ricky gave her his class ring. Now everything in his life was perfect. And the house was coming along little by little. Ricky decided to ask Julie to marry him, but soon afterwards, things started changing: a nasty look, an unanswered phone call, a few broken dates.

     Fall came and they were invited to a Halloween party. A full moon cast long shadows as they walked toward Thomas Bowden’s house. Pumpkins lined the front steps. Inside music blared and hairy bats swung from the ceiling. Thomas came to greet them, dressed in a vampire costume. But the outfit did nothing to hide his weird ears.

     “Hi, glad you could come,” he said smiling at Julie. Thomas was a football player but he was a no good. Often bragging about the girls he had made out with, generally joking about girls.

     “Is everyone here?” Julie asked, her eyes searching the crowd. She was overly friendly that night. And Ricky soon realized that she still had her eyes on Thomas Bowden, although he had miss-used her friendship in the past.

     “Now that you guys are here,” he said. They both grinned at each other and looked away. What was he up to? wondered Ricky. He and Julie had dated once. but Julie had said that was over.

     “Come on, Julie said, let’s mingle.” Soon the party was really rocking. They mingled in the kitchen and then walked toward the group in the corner where Julie and Thomas drew away from the crowd, whispering and laughing.

     Ricky broke in. “What was that all about?” he asked, flashing his eyes in Thomas‘s direction. Thomas was up to something. Why had Julie encouraged him?

     “What?” said Julie, “he’s just being friendly. Come on, he didn’t mean anything. Julie flung her red hair across her shoulder and kissed Ricky‘s cheek. “Now come on, be nice.”

     After joining their friends, Julie went to the kitchen for something else to drink. Soon, Ricky got tired waiting and went to look for her. She was not in the kitchen nor was she anywhere downstairs--neither was Thomas.

     Ricky threw down his drink and started up the stairs. He grabbed the banister, pulling himself faster. Hot sweat covered his forehead. The knot in his stomach jerked as he opened the first door, then another, then there. Until finally he opened Thomas’s parent’s bedroom, and there on the bed lay Julie, naked, in Thomas Bowden’s arms!

     A pain shot through Ricky’s stomach. He lunged into the air and pounced on Thomas. Thomas pulled a pistol from the bed-side table and aimed at Ricky. Julie grabbed Thomas’s neck and reached for the pistol. Thomas fired a shot--it hit Julie in the head and blew her hand off. Ricky grabbed the gun and shot Thomas in the head. Then he shot himself.

     A week later on Halloween, three coffins were carried to Truman cemetery. To this day, Julie’s hand with Ricky’s ring has never been found. But from that time on, strange things started happening on moonlit nights. The Weirton’s thought they saw Ricky looking through their bedroom window. The Bowden’s heard scratching at their doors. The old mansion on Truman Hill stands empty but lights mysteriously go off and on.

     Nobody goes trick-or-treating in Middleport anymore. If they hear knocking at night, they don’t open their doors.     

     Until this day, Ricky prowls the thick darkness of night, seeking the blood of Thomas Bowden . . . And the hand of Julie.


© 2003 Sue D. Frye

Frye is the winner Halloween contest.

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

One Terrific Blog!

I would like to give a shout-out for a very special writing friend, Dani Duck! Woohoo, Dani!

Dani stays super busy with her writing, her art, and a totally awesome blog! When she isn't writing excellent author reviews, she's creating contests of one sort or the other with wonderful give-aways and prizes! I can't say enough about Dani and her blog which is growing in leaps and bounds or her contests! Speaking of contests--she has THREE going on now! Yep, ya heard me right, THREE!

Hop on over and enter all of them, I did! And I'm sure she would love to hear from you or answer any of your questions.

And as always, thanks for stopping by!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Oh, Myyy!

Wait. Wait. Wait . . . And without farther ado, the Liebster Award Goes To... Meee!

OH WOW! I take a bow! Grinning like a lucky gal!


A very heartfelt thank you to Dani Duck! She nominated me for this fabulous Liebster Blog Award. Now, I’m cheering, clapping, dancing . . . eating lots of coco-puffs!

The beautiful Liebster award is given to blogs with under 200 followers. In accepting this award, I am now obligated to answer 10 questions of Dani's choosing, and then beg 5-10 other people to answer my similarly worded questions.  And now, here are my answers!

1. What is your favorite thing about writing or illustrating for children? My favorite thing is imagining myself the main character, and then going on their journey.

2. Who or what inspired you to become a writer or illustrator? My mother, she loved to read, and she read me stories as I sat on her lap.

3. What is one thing that most people don't know about you? I love to clog (dance) at festivals. I’m a lead singer in a bluegrass band, and I play several musical instruments; mandolin, guitar and dog-house base.

4. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I picture myself in a two-story house, overlooking the ocean.

5. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood? They would chuck all the wood in the land of Oz.

6. What do you do when you aren't writing or illustrating? I’m thinking about writing, creating new characters and sending them forth on long journeys into unknown worlds.

7. Color or Black & White? I prefer black and white photos and colored movies.

8. How long? I’ll write for as long as it takes to fill a book or until I run out of characters.

9. How annoying is it that I tagged you on my blog for this? No annoyance here. I love challenges.

10. Do you have any big events that you are going to or hosting soon? I’m taking the Interact-builder Getting Started Webinar. And want to take Mira Reisberg’s grammar workshop at The Picture Book Academy.

Tip-Toe, oh so slow and . . . TAG YOU’RE IT!

Beth Stillborn:

Rena Traxel:

Wendy Greenley:
If you accept this award: Link back to the blogger that tagged you. Then nominate 5-10 others and answer the questions of the one who tagged you. Then ask 10 questions for the bloggers you tagged  as well as letting your tagees know of their award. Ready? Then get crackin' :)
·         1.  Who are your favorite published authors?

·         2.  Name three of your favorite picture book titles.

·         3.  Write like a . . . ?

·         4.  If you could write a winning book tomorrow, what genre would it be?

·         5.  What do you do while waiting to write?

·         6.  If you could write like anyone, who would you write like?

·         7.  Hot or cold?

·         8.  Sweet or sour?

·         9.  Your fuel for thought.

·         10.What sparks your creativity?

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