Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Location sets the stage for a story. Location sets the tone and mood of a story. Location changes a generic, overdone plot to a new exciting adventure--a new original story as it were. Location sometimes becomes a character in itself.
Once you figure out the very best location for your particular plot, drop your main character onto the stage and watch them go! But first, make sure you choose the PERFECT setting. You want your MC to suffer during his journey, you want him to struggle through several (three at least) trails and failures. So set the stage for what you intend to happen. If your story is meant to be sad, bring on the rain make it a dreary, wet world. If the sun is shining you had better have a happy go-lucky main character to follow around.
As the author, you must be prepared to guide your character along the path, to nudge them toward shortcuts (to lose their way) and drop them on their heads into unexpected pitfalls (to watch their reactions). It's all about location, location, location. Oh, sorry . . . did I draw attention to location?

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