Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hot Tea & Sweet Inspiration

Holy cup of tea, this has been a lucky week! A double whammy of good news! An honorable mention, and a request for my nonfiction PB, all in one week! I'm gushing, sorry. (Exclamations gone wild.)

But you know, with tons of rejections and revisions, a little goodnews is so welcome. It awakens the creativity and keeps us writing. I'm sure everyone agrees with me.

I love the inspiration and the burst of new ideas, but goodnews isn't just the result of constant critiques and revisions.

It is all the little things that work together like paying attention to small details; instructions, correct agents name, the agents likes and dislikes, character voice, setting, pacing are only a few of the (all so important) details.

Okay, back to me.

First I was surprised, no, overwhelmed with an honorable meantion from the RateYourStory contest for Race a Flaming Arrow. They are such great people over there. I've used their critique service many times and never been disappointed. More about my nonfiction picture book at the bottom of this page.

Then, when I checked my Twitter account, an awesome editor had favorited my PB pitch on #PitMad! It wasn't just a coincidence, the truth is, after many, MANY hours of studying, my little PB is finally beginning to shine!

And yes, it's true, I'm a very proud Mama! Shut. My. Mouth.

Back to the book.

The road to getting this far has been a long knarly one with hours of help from critique partners along the way, and I can't forget several online workshops and webinars.

Kristen Fulton's WOW NonficPic.

Mira Streisberg's Character Driven Picture Books.

Jodell Sadler's Pacing To WOW webinars were all extremely helpful in strenghening my manuscript.

(And at the moment, all three of these incredible ladies have workshops and conferences going on that are awesome.)

1. Join Kristen Fulton at for a fabulous week of writing this month. And then, for a week- long Wow Retreat coming up in July! It doesn't get better than this. Not if you understand that networking is the life's blood of getting published. Signed-up for one of these. Wishing I could take both!

2. Then RUN, don't walk to Mira Reisberg's online Finding Your Voice webinar this month at It's going to be an eye-opener. And it's FREEE!!! I already signed for this!

3. Last, but not least, pull up your sleeves for Jodell Sadler's Kidlit College webinars and workshops at Woohoo! Tighten your words and pace, pace, pace your way to a tighter, lighter, exceptionally brighter picture book! She is offering several of these in the next few months! AND, on July 25, she will host a Word Work-Out webinar on Powering Up Your Pacing for, get this, ONE DOLLAR!!! What could be better than that???

And, oh yes, I'm taking this too!

I hope you will join me and other writers for one or all of these excellent writing events. You'll learn a lot about the business of writing, and your stories are sure to POP!!!

See you there!


Excerpt: Race a Flaming Arrow--Nothing stopped Liz from outrunning every boy at the settlement, and no one would stop her from fighting in the American Revolution!

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