Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Writer's Handy Element List



Sound Structure: Here is a short list of essential elements necessary to write for most genres. Make sure you have included all of these elements before you draft your story.

And remember, a quick outline will save you a lot of rewriting later.  
  1. Three Act Plot With Story Arc & Conflict 
  1. A Unique Character with Character Arc  
  1. Three Tries & Three Fails 
  1. An Interesting, Unusual Setting that Mirrors Conflict 
  1. Pacing, Repetition, Rhyme, Reader Anticipation
  1. Universal Theme? What Emotion Does it Stir in the Reader?
  1. Satisfying Ending that Answers the Story Question
  1. Now Go Back & Rewrite the Story Using Colorful Vibrant Words 
  1. Rework the Beginning Sentence to Pull the Reader in 
  1. Read Your Story Out-loud and Pass it Around Your Critique Buddies  
  1. Another Rewrite  
  1. One Last Read Through for Typos 
  1. Ready, Set, Submit 
Look for more details on future posts.


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