Sunday, January 11, 2015

Thirteen Ways to Make Your Revisions Shine!

Hi writing friends!
We all know that a huge part of writing is rewriting. I love doing revisions, and that's why I joined  Meg Miller in her awesome revision challenge ReviMo which is going on this week. Since I didn't want to get started on the wrong foot or take my story in the wrong direction, I put together a revision roadmap. This is a list of things to think about before you even start your story to make sure it has all the necessary elements for success in the beginning so you or your story can't fail. These thirteen DOES will bring you lots of good-luck!

  1. TOPIC: Do your research to make sure you have a popular topic.
  2. WORDS: Gather words that should be included beforehand. Words pertaining to your subject matter.
  3. WANT: Show us what the character wants/desires. This will cause conflict.
  4. LAYERS: Your story needs an extra layer of math, science, etc., to beef up the content. 
  5. VOICE: This comes into play when you put yourself into your story.
  6. TONE: If your story is about a sad puppy, use words that add to the atmosphere of the story and make the reader feel his sadness.
  7. SETTING: Ground us in the setting.
  8. STORY ARC: Does your story move forward and end at the right moment?
  9. EMOTION: Get us involved. Let us feel the main character's ups and downs.
  10. CHARACTER ARC: Does the MC change by the end of your story?
  11. RULE OF THREE: Three tries & three fails. Also use this rule in lists and descriptions, etc.
  12. WORD PLAY: Be sure to include alliteration, rhyme, rule of three and other fun devices in your story to make it shine! Jodell Sadler's class Pacing to WoW is an awesome resource to study and find the right tools to make this work.
  13. ROUNDED ENDING: Your ending is just as important as your beginning. Does your ending come full circle, have a surprise, end with a twist?

  • Be sure to SHOW and not tell.
  • CUT: illustration descriptions, weak verbs & unnecessary tags



Loyalty, friendship, sharing, loudness, I want that, give me, waiting, tattling, curiousity, good/bad, responsibility, chores/helping out,

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Good luck with all your revisions!


  1. This is a great list Sue!! Thanks for sharing!! Happy revising. :D

  2. Thanks for taking the time, Meg! I feel blessed:)

  3. I am making a poster of the 13 do ideas. Thanks Meg

  4. Thanks for chiming in, Cecillia! So happy you find the list useful:)