Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Nonfiction Ninja At Work

Yesterday, I received another picture book rating from The rating was for my 400 word nonfiction picture book "When the Forest Speaks." This is the story of an endangered Bear and Cub who struggle to exist in the Rainforest. RateYourStory gave my manuscript a three, and although, I was hoping for a two or even (I like to dream big) a one, this was huge! And a really big deal to me! They said I should revise and submit so I was excited.

The critiquer gave me some generous suggestions to improve my manuscript and even though, I had originally thought my story was perfect, I realized it could be better.

Using the critique as a guide, I worked for several hours, reading and revising my manuscript several times using their ideas and more of my own, until, I ran out of any and all ideas for further improvement.

Now my new and improved 400 word nonfiction picture book is tighter and shinier than ever! And best of all, it's ready to resubmit!

Yes, if you want to be an author, this is how it works. We write-revise, write-revise, over and over until nothing else can be improved upon, and then our project is perfect!

RateYourStory has been an amazing help to me. Thank you RYS!

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