Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Testing Your Wings

                                       Hi, folks! I’m sorry for neglecting my blogging, but all of us know how random things just seem to happen without any warning when we really dig down and get busy with a new writing project. This month, I’ve had several projects smoldering on the back burner—mostly new picture books, but I keep going back and forth with my middle grade manuscripts as well, tightening the structures, cramming details into dialogue and generally making sure the heart of the story comes through and hooks the unsuspecting reader to bring them down to their knees in fits of laughter or tears. Either way, if the reader weeps or laughs, they’re yours for life!

And, remember the post from last month in which I suggested you take every opportunity to make your writing better? Guess what I've been up to? I took two extraordinary writing classes to power-up my picture book writing skills.

  • Writing the Classic Picture Book—an online WD webinar that totally rocked!
  • Pacing Picture Books to Wow, also an online class which included fabulous online webinars, chats and many other special perks with a totally awesome agent extraordinaire who eagerly goes out of their comfort zone to encourage and help writers! J.S., you rock!

I hope all the writers out there have been as busy as I have! As much as I enjoying posting on my blog, for honesty’s sake I must admit—I love writing more! And if you ever expect to further your writing career, you will tooJ

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