Friday, July 18, 2014


Research, research, and more research.

Why? I love discovering new details. Youuu, betcha.’

But, enough of that. Woohoo! Back to revisions.

I love writing, rewriting, and I’m working on my middle grade historical novel. I researched this book for months before even starting the outline. I like writing picture books (and sometimes) first drafts of novels from the seat of my pants, but for larger works, I totally love to outline. Good research helps outline any project from picture books to novels. It makes everything go faster.

My book is set in the 1940’s and the research has been a learning experience, fun and eye-opening. Delving into the past helped me visualize my main character, and it gave me a better understanding of the problems and mind sets of that era. Now I could actually become the MC. I could understand his wants and fears. As I dug deeper, I shared his deepest secrets and his most painful struggles. Little by little, he stole a place in my heart. And now, wanted what he wanted.

So with my new list of character and setting details, and two new scenes to add unexpected twists in the plot, I knew I was ready to revise the chapters and finalize my book.

Enough said, I’m off to flesh out my beloved middle grade historical novel with a touch of evil in my heart, and, my big magic pen. Or keyboard:)

Tip: It’s much easier to research your project before you try to write or out-line. J


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