Friday, February 7, 2014

Musing with Music

Snow taps different emotions in everyone. Some folks sway away from it. Others, like me, frolic in the silent beauty and pouring of inspiration it creates. I guess you could say, snow jazzes up my inner child, the one who daydreams and imagines that anything is possible. When I see the first flurry, I grab a mug of coffee and prance off to my computer with ideas twirling so fast, I barely have the time to bop them down.

As white flakes waltz across the sky, I ready my pen to rumba across the empty page. I don’t want to forget those fresh ideas even if some may end up in the slush. So hopefully, by the days end, I’ll have a jazzy new list, bursting with cool picture book ideas. And you can too. Just remember to take the lead when the ideas start rolling. Okay, I’m off to the ball!

I found a fabulous link to share and get you motivated.
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  1. You make the snow sound so inspiring! I live in Florida . . . I'm feeling a little jealous!

  2. Thanks, Sarah! You can still join me in a flurry of inspiration!