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A Halloween Tale or Synopsis?

Hi! In the spirit of Halloween, I thought a few of you might enjoy a little taste of the holiday! I wrote this story several years ago, and to my great surprise, it actually won a contest! So enjoy:)




 Sometimes, all one has is the dark side.

     Scratch, scratch, scratch, comes the desperate cry for help near low hanging windows and locked doors. The ghostly plea continues, but no one answers.  No one dares!  The creature terrified all who once knew him. He killed to survive, living off the blood of the innocent, in his search for the guilty. 

    When the full moon beckoned, he crawled from his cold grave into the darkness--the only path he knew, urged forth by one thought, one desire. Revenge. Now his mission for all eternity is to search out and find the one who murdered the girl he loved. He will search forever, but in vain because the person he seeks lies motionless in a cold grave next to his own. 
     Ten years earlier, Ricky Truman moved to Middleport and inherited the old house on the hill above the graveyard. The Truman mansion looked inviting from the town below but inside the old house, a raw chill caused boards to creak and intruder’s to look over their shoulders. Black window panes mirrored the ruins and gaped at all who drew near.

    Ricky Truman didn’t seem to mind that the old home was in need of repair. He wasted no time, making it his home. Until Ricky got his inheritance from a step-grandfather who he had never met, he had been completely on his own. After settling in, he started fixing up the ruin-down place. Ricky wasn’t afraid of work, he enjoyed fixing things. Besides, this was his home now.

    The house was creepy at night--the hollow walls amplified weird noises. The cemetery on the hillside was over-grown with weeds. Trees cast long shadows across the grounds at sunset. The old tombstones were worn and unreadable; others had fallen from decay. It was going to be a challenge but Ricky was a fighter. He worked on the house every evening after school. On weekends, he did odd jobs in the neighborhood to support himself.

     It was on one of his jobs that he met Julie, Mr. Weirton’s daughter. She had been helping her mom clean junk from their attic for Ricky to haul away. She was a beauty in her blue tee-shirt and cut-offs. Her red hair pulled back into a pony-tail that hung across her shoulder. Ricky fell for her that first day.

    Julie and Ricky were in the same classes at school so they saw each other a lot. By the end of the school year, they were both in love and Ricky gave her his class ring. Now everything in his life was perfect. And the house was coming along little by little. Ricky decided to ask Julie to marry him, but soon afterwards, things started changing: a nasty look, an unanswered phone call, a few broken dates.

     Fall came and they were invited to a Halloween party. A full moon cast long shadows as they walked toward Thomas Bowden’s house. Pumpkins lined the front steps. Inside music blared and hairy bats swung from the ceiling. Thomas came to greet them, dressed in a vampire costume. But the outfit did nothing to hide his weird ears.

     “Hi, glad you could come,” he said smiling at Julie. Thomas was a football player but he was a no good. Often bragging about the girls he had made out with, generally joking about girls.

     “Is everyone here?” Julie asked, her eyes searching the crowd. She was overly friendly that night. And Ricky soon realized that she still had her eyes on Thomas Bowden, although he had miss-used her friendship in the past.

     “Now that you guys are here,” he said. They both grinned at each other and looked away. What was he up to? wondered Ricky. He and Julie had dated once. but Julie had said that was over.

     “Come on, Julie said, let’s mingle.” Soon the party was really rocking. They mingled in the kitchen and then walked toward the group in the corner where Julie and Thomas drew away from the crowd, whispering and laughing.

     Ricky broke in. “What was that all about?” he asked, flashing his eyes in Thomas‘s direction. Thomas was up to something. Why had Julie encouraged him?

     “What?” said Julie, “he’s just being friendly. Come on, he didn’t mean anything. Julie flung her red hair across her shoulder and kissed Ricky‘s cheek. “Now come on, be nice.”

     After joining their friends, Julie went to the kitchen for something else to drink. Soon, Ricky got tired waiting and went to look for her. She was not in the kitchen nor was she anywhere downstairs--neither was Thomas.

     Ricky threw down his drink and started up the stairs. He grabbed the banister, pulling himself faster. Hot sweat covered his forehead. The knot in his stomach jerked as he opened the first door, then another, then there. Until finally he opened Thomas’s parent’s bedroom, and there on the bed lay Julie, naked, in Thomas Bowden’s arms!

     A pain shot through Ricky’s stomach. He lunged into the air and pounced on Thomas. Thomas pulled a pistol from the bed-side table and aimed at Ricky. Julie grabbed Thomas’s neck and reached for the pistol. Thomas fired a shot--it hit Julie in the head and blew her hand off. Ricky grabbed the gun and shot Thomas in the head. Then he shot himself.

     A week later on Halloween, three coffins were carried to Truman cemetery. To this day, Julie’s hand with Ricky’s ring has never been found. But from that time on, strange things started happening on moonlit nights. The Weirton’s thought they saw Ricky looking through their bedroom window. The Bowden’s heard scratching at their doors. The old mansion on Truman Hill stands empty but lights mysteriously go off and on.

     Nobody goes trick-or-treating in Middleport anymore. If they hear knocking at night, they don’t open their doors.     

     Until this day, Ricky prowls the thick darkness of night, seeking the blood of Thomas Bowden . . . And the hand of Julie.


© 2003 Sue D. Frye

Frye is the winner Mochamemoirs.com Halloween contest.

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  1. Reading this gave me goose bumps. Wow. What a great, creepy story! The ending is absolutely perfect.

    Happy Halloween!