Sunday, August 11, 2013

Two Winners--Ribbit!

     Ribbit! Croak! Squee!

     The Blog Hop officially ended last night.

     Thanks everyone, for visiting my blog and for leaving comments. I know writers have limited time—it’s hard to read, make contacts and write too. I really appreciate all those who joined in the fun to make my Blog Hop a success. Thanks friends!

       It has been a very busy week, a real challenge to juggle everything. I spent a lot of time keeping my blog current, turning the Blog Hop into a contest and also using the event to market my picture book Bad Dragonflies. I love a good challenge!

       This has been a new experience, and one that I plan to build upon by offering more freebies and featuring other contest from time to time. I don’t know about you, but I think it was loads of fun, and I had a fabulous time! What I enjoyed most was meeting other authors and making new friends.  I like to think of events like this one as new opportunities for writers to help other writers and make friends on the way!

      What happened to the contest, you say? I’m getting to that now, if I can awaken GusJ

       Okay, poor Gus hopped off his lily pad and into the pond just long enough to draw two names from the murky waters. So, we have two winners! Although, the names are a little wet and smeared. I can’t make the names out. Here Gus, take a look, your eyes are much bigger than mine! “Croak.” He really hates having to work, it tuckers him out.

         Gus says the winners are:

·        Pat (Sorry, I need your email or full name)

·        Leandra Wallace (I have yours, thanks)

           The first winner to contact me has the choice of prizes. csdfrye at frontier dot com.

           And, if you choose the free picture book critique, be sure to send your manuscript in 48 hours or the prize will be void.

            The prizes will be sent by next weekend.

            Please don’t forget to look inside Bad Dragonflies the next time you visit Amazon.

            Thanks so much for joining me! SueJ

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