Friday, August 2, 2013

One Pond at a Time

INKLINGS: One Road to a Blog Hopping Frenzy: Heard of Blog Hopping? Fun you say? Friends helping friends you say?

Yes, you've got it! It's both fun and easy with lots of help from other writing peeps. Gus is proof of that!

Oh, who is Gus? And why is he lurking on a writing website? I heave a big breath here. "Gus is only the hungriest bullfrog in the pond of plot scenarios! He's smart, he's quick, and when his tongue whips out, he never misses a bug. But, why am I introducing this hungry, green eating machine now? I have a tiny surprise perking. You'll learn all about it tomorrow.

I'm so happy I learned about blog hopping from Christine Irvin! And not wanting to be left out -- I leaped into the pond of writing peeps!

Come join in the fun! You'll have a laugh or two. And learn a thing or three!

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