Wednesday, July 31, 2013

INKLINGS: One Road to a Blog Hopping Frenzy

INKLINGS: One Road to a Blog Hopping Frenzy: Heard of Blog Hopping? Fun you say? Friends helping friends you say.

Yes, blog hopping is the new writing craze! I just learned about this last week from Christine Irvin, and not wanting to be left out -- I leaped into the pond of writing peeps!

All I have to do is write a blog intro, which is easy, I talk a lot anyway. Then I answer three simple questions, like, Who Are Your Favorite Authors? That's a little tough, since I love to read, and I have so many favorite authors.

Come join in the fun! You'll have a good time and maybe a laugh or two. And you're sure to learn something from reading all the blogs, like other writers writing techniques!

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