Saturday, June 8, 2013

7 Must Have Ingredients To a Perfect Picture Book

Below are seven essential ingredients that should appear in every picture book. Of course there are other spices to add to the stew, I'll include those in my next post:)

1. Likeable Character with flaws, strengths and weakness.
2. Huge Problem that only they can solve
3.Three Tries to solve problem--which keeps getting worse
4.Three fails to solve problem: the problem escalates
5. Character Arc: Character must change by end
6. Main Character must solve the problem alone
7. The Ah, ha moment/ending: Twist, Surprise, Full Circle


  1. I appreciate your simple, elegant formula. I always think in three acts, and I will add your strategy to make sure I have hit all the highs and lows to make the story compelling and satisfying. Thanks!