Thursday, January 10, 2013

Agent Quest: Challenging Yourself

What a wonderful year!
When I entered Tara Lazar’s PiBoIdMo challenge I was excited at the idea of writing thirty picture books. I was thrilled to work beside a great list of writers, many of whom I knew from the super wonderful Verla Kay Children’s Writer’s Board. I was giddy with the vision of a stack of new titles. I didn’t realize where it would eventually lead.

I kept up with my part of the challenge and brainstormed new titles every day. I thought about plots while I did housework. Running errands, I envisioned catchy titles. I dreamed about books as I slept. I had my thirty picture book titles halfway through the challenge -- and because of all the inspiration (Tara’s guest speakers) my list kept growing. By the end of November I had almost fifty titles in my notebook.

In December (revved by my long list) I was ready to start work on my picture books. I thought things couldn’t get any better. Boy was I wrong! A week later I received an email from Tara Lazar – I was one of four winners. Yippeee! As a prize, Tara introduced each of us to an agent who had graciously volunteered to look at our finished picture books. All of the agents were stellar, a true dream team.

I had to stop and breathe. How could I be so lucky? I now had a well-known super-respected agent at my fingertips.

 The point behind all of this? If you want to succeed, push toward your goal, grab reins of your future and dare to reach for the stars. Every small step upwards leads to another -- and another. There's a prize waiting at the end of your quest, you have only to reach and take it to succeed.

More to come . . . my head’s still spinning.

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